Good morning head. Glad you’re “working” so early in the morning

Do I even care?

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I’m tired of nitpicking every conversation I have with people

I need the brain me to let the real me take over

Sometimes I feel like I’m still on a second plane

Inside my head

People in their head are usually better than they really are. They have an image only they can see and have all the good virtues they want and are perfect in what they do.

In my head I have an image of myself only I can see. But it’s not a good one.

Inside my head I’m pretty lame. People don’t like me. Inside my head thoughts that are so improbable keeps floating around as possible futures. Inside my head people who I call my best friends only want me when they want something. Inside my head in about to get fired any day now because I can’t do anything right. Inside my head I cant really do anything and I feel like I don’t know. People laugh at me and say I’m disgusting because of my weight.

Inside my head nobody loves me. Nobody would want to be with me for any reason I can think of. Inside my head I can’t get a girlfriend because of my looks or my personality just because of convenience. Inside my head my lovingly, extremely beautiful girlfriend cheats on me. Inside my head I say hurtful things to her I really don’t mean. Inside my head we break up almost every day. Inside my head I die and leave every day and nobody cares. Inside my head I want to push the button. Inside my head i do all the things I like but my body won’t respond.
Inside my head I hurt myself, I hurt others and I hurt people I don’t know. Inside my head my dreams are crushed and my hopes are shattered. Inside my head I think I have and STD, or diabetes, or cancer o maybe close to a heart attack.

Inside my head I suck the joy out of the best moments of my life and they never return. Inside my head I’m violent and angry. Inside my head I’m sad all the time. Inside my head I don’t know if the me I’ve known is me after all.

Inside my head nobody likes me. Not even me.


parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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